Pricing update 2019

MVM Premium  Pricing Update – Jan 22 2019

In the next few days our pricing for My Virtual Mission Premium will increase from just over US $1.08 per month to $1.99 a month.

MVM Premium will be purchasable as a 12 month block for $23.99 per year

We realize as a percentage that this is a significant increase.

Our decision around pricing is not something we have not taken lightly.

A lot has changed since our last pricing update around 3 years ago.

Our costs to deliver the service have increased dramatically. These includes

  1. Google increasing it’s prices that they charge for map loads and other uses of their mapping API that we rely on by over 1400% ( )
  2. Intercom – our customer support and knowledge base provider completely changing their pricing model resulting in a 94% increase in costs
  3. The increased cost of technology to maintain a stable environment
  4. The cost of providing one on one support
  5. The cost of maintaining and enhancing the core service across iPhone, Android, Web and mobile web
  6. The changes in tax laws that now mean many countries deduct their own rate of tax on purchase of digital products. For example in the UK the pricing will be £22.99 but 42% will be retained by Apple/Google and VAT leaving us with £13.41 (which we then have to pay tax on again back in New Zealand!)

We have also taken into consideration feedback as to the value that people place on the service as well as the significant improvements, features and enhancements that we have made to My Virtual Mission over the last 3 years and likewise for the road map for the next 12 months.

We also draw your attention to previous notices that My Virtual Mission will soon no longer offer a free plan as we are unable to sustain tens of thousands of free accounts with our new cost structure. We will be offering a lead out period for people currently on a free plan.

NOTE: Conqueror Challenge participants are not affected by the pricing change

We thank you for your understanding and as always welcome your feedback.

Adam El-Agez
My Virtual Mission
The Conqueror Challenge Series


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