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  • Virtual Fitness Challenges

    2 Types of Virtual Fitness Challenges & Why You Should Try Them Out!

    You’ve probably heard the terms “virtual runs” or “virtual fitness challenges” before and thought, “What the heck?” You’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need to go out and buy a pair of virtual reality goggles in order to take part in virtual fitness challenges! They can actually be a really useful part of […]

  • My Virtual Mission Premium

    The Premium version of My Virtual Mission is available in either 6 months or 12 months subscriptions. Premium can be purchased as an in-ap purchase in the Apple App store and the Google Play store. Premium can also be purchased online for web users.

  • An honest look at our new premium pricing

    The decision to move to a subscription model for My Virtual Mission was not one that I’ve taken lightly. To begin with I felt twangs of fear and guilt that MVM’s existing users might feel like they were tricked into signing up for something that was offered for “free” and were then subsequently told that […]

  • Amazing Benefits of Obstacle Training

    Amazing Benefits of Obstacle Training

    Being able to dodge those sneaky little Lego blocks scattered across your kitchen floor in several death-defying, yet graceful leaps is the number one benefit of obstacle training. Just kidding. (Although, the skills can definitely be applied to deftly avoiding an emergency room visit.) What is obstacle training? Obstacle training (also known as military training) […]

  • 8 Important Tips When Marathon Training

    8 Important Tips When Marathon Training

    Lots of popcorn, white sugar-laden snacks and sweatpants are the most important tips you need to know when training for a marathon. (This applies for movie ad TV marathons only.) The first thing that comes to mind when people say they are training for a marathon? “You’re crazy!” How come? What are these mystical things […]

  • 10 Super Smoothies to Start Your Day

    10 Super Smoothies to Start Your Day

    Let’s talk about smoothies, baby. “All smoothies are healthy, aren’t they?” If only this were true! Imagine: a world of ice cream sundae smoothies followed by a cheeseburger puréed delight and liquid chips. Just because it’s blended into a liquefied dream, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. If you add the right ingredients, you can kick your […]