My Virtual Mission is a web and mobile app to help people stay motivated to exercise and can be used as a novel crowdfunding platform to raise money for charity or the users own cause.

Users set up a long distance mission either individually or in groups. After each exercise session, such as running, walking, cycling etc the user advances along their mission path towards the goal based on the distance they just exercised. E.g. If the mission is to cycle across the country and the person goes for a ride on their bike for 20 miles then they will advance 20 miles towards completing their mission.

Missions can also be set up to raise funds for charity or the users own cause such as a sports club, school group or any other worthy cause. As they complete their mission they encourage people in their network to come to their mission page and sponsor them along the way.


The founder of My Virtual Mission, Adam El-Agez, knows exactly how hard it can be to maintain a regular exercise routine.

"There are many different tools available now that tell you an almost overwhelming number of stats about our bodies– how far we’ve just run, what our heart rate is, how many calories we’ve burnt, what sort of sleep we just had and whether we should drink some more water or not. These tools are all very useful but mostly redundant if you don’t actually get yourself motivated to go and do the exercise in the first place!"

My Virtual Mission aims to empower people to stay motivated to exercise. By setting up a mission, the user is creating a SMART goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and has a Time frame. They are also increasing their accountability by making the mission publicly view able. Lastly, setting out on a mission and (optionally) seeking sponsorship for a charity is inspiring to both the user and to others. These three factors – goals, accountability and inspiration are three important factors to keep people motivated to exercise regularly.



My Virtual Mission makes an excellent workplace fitness challenge.

Large or small groups can create a mission and have a virtual race to the end or work together as a team to complete the mission. Find out more on our corporate wellness page.


Inquiries – support (-at-) myvirtualmission.com