Hwange Pump Run

Hwange Pump Run

Follow our "Pump Run" through the Hwange bush!

Started 15 Jun 2021, by Hwange Pump Run

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From: Bomani Tented Lodge
To: Jozibanini Camp



94.1 KM
44.9 KM49.1 KM


$15,000 USD


84 Days
0 Days84 Days


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Walk, run, swim, cycle, skate, row... our virtual “Pump Run" trail across the southern part of Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park. By doing so, you'll discover the water holes where Imvelo Safari Lodges is pumping water to support the area's amazing wildlife. Don't drag behind too much, there are lions, buffalos and elephant about!

Hwange National Park has no perennial rivers so all of its wildlife is reliant on a pumped water programme that has been in effect for nearly 80 years. We accept that this is not ideal in the long term, however it is a situation we have inherited - and until a longer-term solution is implemented, Hwange’s current wildlife population is totally dependent on artificial sources of water.

One of Imvelo’s core missions is to conserve wildlife, and pumping water for animals is a big part of this. Imvelo has 19 wildlife pumps that pump to 16 different pans in Hwange National Park and forestry land. Together, these pumps support over 25% of Hwange's wildlife, and over 10,000 elephants as well as an enormous number of different animals...on average, we pump about 160 million litres of water to wildlife every year!

Twelve of these pumps are run off of solar panels, and the rest are solar hybrid pumps; they pump during the sunshine hours and diesel engines kick-in during the dark hours to continue pumping water for pans that are particularly well visited by wildlife and vulnerable to drying out. Six of these solar hybrid pumps are in remote parts of southern Hwange, where the dry season is particularly harsh.

As the dry season looms, Imvelo carries out its first "Pump Run" of the season to visit these 6 waterholes and install engines, repair any faulty solar panels, repair and maintain troughs, ensure pump attendant cabins are in a good state etc.
Then, throughout the dry season, Imvelo carries out “Pump Runs” every couple of weeks, leaving one of its lodges, Bomani Tented Lodge or Camelthorn Lodge, with diesel, food and maintenance supplies. These Pump Runs are vital as they ensure that its 6 solar hybrid pumps in the southern area of the park are pumping to full capacity, that Pump Attendants on site are fed and happy and that the waterholes are supporting as much wildlife as possible! It is quite the operation but is essential to conserving our wildlife! 

Join us on a Hwange Pump Run! 


$1,500 raised since 2 hours.


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22 hours ago

Isabel Lynch

2.1 km (0.7 km applied)
It is done :) Thanks for creating this fun challenge Imvelo.
27 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

4.5 km
Just not far enough today...
26 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

4.2 km
So close... but not quite there yet.
23 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

5.7 km
22 Sep 2021

sylvie tranter

10.0 km
20 Sep 2021

Jonno Tranter

8.0 km
Kayaking down the Herault river :D
20 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

7.2 km
19 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

5.1 km
18 Sep 2021

sylvie tranter

8.0 km
16 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

6.7 km
13 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

4.7 km
11 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

7.4 km
9 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

5.8 km
7 Sep 2021

Jonno Tranter

16.0 km
Had an exploring session on my bike in Montpellier :D
1 Sep 2021

Isabel Lynch

5.2 km
Eventually free from quarantine Yippee!
27 Aug 2021

Julie Scott

13.0 km (6.9 km applied)
Can’t wait to see everyone at Jozi around a fire! Keep up the good work!
24 Aug 2021

Julie Scott

5.2 km
24 Aug 2021

sylvie tranter

6.0 km
22 Aug 2021

Julie Scott

7.2 km
21 Aug 2021

Jonno Tranter

50.0 km
Cycled 50km in the 33 degree heat in Spain last week, tough but fun!

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