Ring Road Iceland Virtual Challenge

Ring Road Iceland Virtual Challenge

The Ring Road Virtual Challenge will take you in a 828 miles (1332 km) road trip along Iceland. In this unforgettable adventure you will experience nature at it’s best: icebergs, volcanoes, waterfalls, geysers, and mystical northern lights.

Mission details

From: Reykjavík
To: Reykjavík

Conquer the length of Ring Road with every mile that you do!

Join the Ring Road Virtual Challenge - The ultimate fitness challenge event!
Every time you go for a run, ride or walk you advance along the map.

Find out more and sign up at www.theconqueror.events today!

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Just now

Patricia Baltmanis
TEAM: McManis

4.5 mi
Just now

Luc De Laet

2.1 mi
via Garmin (fenix6Solar)
Just now

Shany Mercier
TEAM: Matth team

6.2 mi
Just now

Karen Bailey
TEAM: Walkies

3.4 mi
via Garmin (5,949 steps)
Just now

Andrew Murray

1.4 mi
via Apple Health
Just now

Tanya McLaughlin
TEAM: Team Sexy Momma’s

5.9 mi
Just now

Katrin Pàlsdóttir
TEAM: Gullrillur

16.3 mi
via Garmin (forerunner945)
Just now

Marcus Healy

11.1 mi
Just now

Dominika Sylwestrzuk

12.2 mi
Just now

Shaun Fastier

1.5 mi
via Garmin (vivoactive4WifiLarge)
Just now

Michael Bell
TEAM: The Bell Ends

0.5 mi
via Garmin (vivoactive3)
Just now

Catherine Dorval

0.4 mi
Just now


6.2 mi
Just now

laura seter

10.7 mi
Durazno Ride Chile 52 min
Just now

James Newman

5.1 mi
via Garmin (vivoactive4WifiLarge)
Just now

Doreen Heitland

0.6 mi
via Garmin (fenix5s+)
Just now

Brian Stwalley

3.4 mi
Just now

Kitty Kovar

2.0 mi
via Garmin (vivoactive4WifiSmall)
Just now

Alyssa Casas

3.5 mi
Just now

Simon Rea-Palmer

7.5 mi