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Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge   

Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge  

Challenge yourself to cycle 800km from Bangkok to Khao Lak in our Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge. Take in the sights of our beautiful Coastal Ride as you make your way to Baan Tharn Namchai.

Created 20 Apr 2020, by Hands Across the Water

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From: Bangkok
To: Khao Lak



800.0 KM
0.0 KM800.0 KM


$500,000 AUD


30 Days
0 Days30 Days


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Hands was established in 2005 after our founder Peter Baines OAM was introduced to the kids of Takua Pa who had lost their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. Baines was working in Thailand as a forensic investigator leading the Australian and International teams in the identification of those who died.

Instead of pulling out when his work ended, he decided to do something to help the children whose families and livelihoods had been destroyed. Hands was formed and lives began to transform. Starting with the kids of Baan Tharn Namchai, the focus was on building homes for the children that would not only sustain them, but enrich their lives.

Almost 15 years later we now operate in seven different locations across Thailand, supporting more than 350 at-risk children - giving them a safe home and a valuable education. Each and every child who spends a month, year or their formative years growing up with us is valued and matters. Because every child matters.

With International borders closed and travel restrictions likely to be in place for some time yet due to Covid-19, all of our rides for the rest of 2020 and possibly early 2021 are having to be postponed.Each year our Ride to Provide experiences in Thailand, and their associated fundraising components, makeup $1,200,000 AUD of the annual $1,800,000 AUD in operating costs for the seven homes we support - that's almost 70% of our total fundraising!

Training is on hold, fundraising is on hold, but the kids whose lives we support, we can’t put them on hold. As a community we have banded together and agreed that we won’t be stopped. Which is why we are taking to our bikes in June to take on the 800km Coastal ride from the comfort of our own bikes and/or wind trainer set up in the lounge room. All in a bid to keep the ride alive and raise much needed funds to continue supporting our 350+ kids and their communities in Thailand.


$44,578 raised Today.


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