Mayo Pink Ribbon Charity Cycle - 300k Your Way

Mayo Pink Ribbon Charity Cycle - 300k Your Way

Cycle, run or walk 300k and take in the stunning beauty of County Mayo, exploring its magnificent landscape and rich heritage while raising vital funds for The National Breast Cancer Research Institute.

Started 1 Mar 2021, by Mayo Pink Ribbon

Group Mission

Mission details

From: Wild Nephin Ballycroy National Park
To: Keem Bay, Achill



300.0 KM
147.9 KM152.2 KM


€65,000 EUR


91 Days
50 Days41 Days


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When we embarked on the Mayo Pink Ribbon - '300k YOUR Way' we were very nervous. Hosting a virtual event was, and still is, new territory for us and we didn't know how it would go down with you, our supporters. With this in mind we set our fundraising target for €30,000, which was lower than other years, but we felt was ambitious for these new times. However, yet again, you have embraced Mayo Pink Ribbon and this new virtual event.
6 weeks into our campaign we have already reached this target of €30,000! A HUGE and sincere thank you to everyone who has helped us get here. We are going to be brave now and increase our target. We are going to aim for €65,000 - this is the amount we raised in 2010, our first year of fundraising. It would be so fantastic if we could do this again.

Mayo Pink Ribbon has been raising vital funds for Breast Cancer Research at the National Breast Cancer Research Institute at NUI Galway since its inception in 2010. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Ireland. Through continued support of research in the areas of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure we aspire to a future where a breast cancer diagnosis is no longer so frightening. Over the past 11 years we have raised over €1.14 million through our annual cycle and other events. We are so grateful for your continued support. It is so important and will really make a difference to the lives of so many.

Without money there is no research; without research there is no cure and without your help there is neither.


€36,565 raised since 1 Mar 2021.


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Annmarie Gray

3.0 km
Just now

Joann Carson

3.2 km
Just now

Deirdre Lavelle

5.1 km
Just now

Rebecca Conway

2.1 km
Just now

Carmel Mulchrone

4.2 km
Just now

Helen Gannon

5.0 km
Just now

Bernie Corry

4.7 km
Just now

Deirdre Cunnane

6.3 km
Just now

michelle dunn

7.5 km
Just now

Emily Foy

10.8 km
Just now

Seamus Corry

8.5 km
Just now

Deirdre Cunnane

5.2 km
Just now

Clíona Uí Dhálaigh

5.3 km
Just now

Carmel O’neill

5.0 km
Walk around the woods for an hour
Just now

Sinead Parsons

3.4 km (0.0 km applied)
via Strava
Just now

Emma McCormack

3.4 km
Just now

Gerry Tolster

22.0 km
Just now

Meadhbh Murphy

4.1 km
via Fitbit (5,639 steps)
Just now

Brian Clarke

6.5 km
Just now

Kay Moran

4.1 km

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